EURES Estonia helps Estonian companies find employees from other European countries (including Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland). Thanks to the free movement of labor in the European Union and the European Economic Area, recruiting from other European countries has become increasingly popular and also easier. EURES connects job seekers from other European countries with job offers from Estonian employers, advises both parties during the entire process and introduces the possibilities of working in Estonia at various events across Europe.

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EURES services for employers

    1. The possibility to publish your job offer through the e-unemployment fund on the pan-European EURES portal.
    2. Publication of job offers
    in the job offers database of a specific European country.
    3. Advising on the preparation of a job offer.
    4. Pre-selection of suitable candidates.
    5. Sharing information
    about the labor market situation for other countries belonging to the EURES network, i.e. employee surpluses and deficits.

    All EURES services are free of charge.

Five easy steps to external recruitment

  1. See recommendations to consider when recruiting outside Estonia.
  2. Enter the job offer through the e-unemployment fund, through which it will be forwarded to the EURES portal.
  3. Create an account on the EURES portal and find candidates suitable for your job offer among over 200,000 users.
  4. Participate in Eures job fairs both in Estonia and abroad or online fairs.
  5. Participate in partner events, where other employers talk about their experiences in recruiting abroad.

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Success Stories

Success Stories

EURES was successful for some positions like customer support, driver training and similar, especially when we needed someone who knows other languages. And it’s free so worth a try. Of course, it is not the best place to find IT or very qualified people but for entry-level and junior it is good.

Nikolai Kabatsikov
Head of Talent Acquisition

EURES portal

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The European Job Mobility Portal http://eures.europa.eu is considered by many to be the safest job placement portal. The use of the portal is free for both jobseekers and employers. If you want to publish your job offer on the EURES portal, contact the EURES advisers of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. If you are more interested, you can create an account for your company on the portal. This allows you to create and save search profiles, receive notifications of CVs matching your search, order newsletters and receive other information necessary for recruiting employees from other European countries.

Hiring a foreigner

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If the purpose of a foreigner's stay in Estonia (except citizens of a member state of the European Union, a member state of the European Economic Area, and the Swiss Confederation) is to work here, he must have a residence permit for work. Before a foreigner can apply for it from the Police and Border Guard Board, the employer must generally have permission from the Unemployment Fund to employ a foreigner.


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