EURES (European Employment Services) is cooperation network aimed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the EU-27 countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. EURES network composed of public employment services of the EU and EFTA Member States and other authorized organisations operating in the area of employment, at the local, regional, national and EU levels.

At European level, the network is coordinated by the European Coordination Office, established within the European Labour Authorities. At the national level, each country has appointed a National Coordination Office for EURES, responsible for coordinating the national network of Members and Partners. The services to jobseekers and employers are provided by EURES Members and Partners. The services of EURES network are free of charge, easily accessible for everybody and reliable.

EURES Estonia has been responsible for EURES tasks at national level since its accession to the EU in 2004. National EURES network coordinated by EURES member - Unemployment Insurance Fund (Eesti Töötukassa) includes the following EURES Partners organisations:  leading HR partner Manpower OÜ and Integration Foundation offering support services for returnees. Last both EURES Partners are offering the free Estonian language courses.
EURES staff are trained professionals, who have specialised expertise in the practical, legal and administrative matters relating to mobility at national and cross-border levels. They are available to the clients by phone, by e-mail and every Friday from 11:00 to 14:00 (CET) via SKYPE (eures.eesti) and CHAT with EURES. For individual EURES online counselling, there is additional option to book the suitable time here (it requires a valid national ID or eID of one of the supported countries).
The general information and advisory service is most often provided immediately in the case of a personal request during customer service and within 3 working days of a written or electronic request. Our customers can contact us in following languages: Estonian (EST), English (EN), Russian (RU).

EURES provides free assistance to jobseekers wishing to move to another country and provides advice on living and working conditions in the EEA. It also assists employers wishing to recruit workers from other countries and in cross-border regions.
The present EURES set-up consists of two principal components:

  • a network of more than 1200 EURES Advisers, which provides information, guidance and support to jobseekers wishing to work in other Member States and employers looking to recruit suitable candidates from other Member States.
  • the EURES portal, which provides access to job vacancies and is a real one stop-shop for information on job mobility in Europe. The portal provides a range of other useful tools to help people make informed choices on the opportunities available to them. The EURES portal enables job seekers to input their profile, with experiences and skills and automatically match with controlled job openings across Europe. Likewise, registered employers can explore their recruitment opportunities across borders and match with job seekers who fit their target profiles. Videos introducing pan-European EURES portal possibilities are available here.

There are more than 3,000,000 job vacancies published on the portal and it has more than 1,000,000 visitors per month.
The support services, guidance and assistance provided by EURES staff and tailored to customer needs, is easily accessible via online service - CHAT with EURES (
EURES is connected to the Your Europe portal, which provides further help and advice for EU nationals and their family and businesses in Europe.
EURES services for jobseekers and workers from Estonia and
from another EU / EFTA Member State
General information and guidance

  • General information and guidance about EURES network (network, EURES portal, EURES services)
  • General information and guidance about the basics of the EU job search and employment (free movement of workers’ rights, safety etc.)
  • General information and guidance about the labour market need and job opportunities (access to EU job vacancies, placement, recruitment)

Tailor-made guidance and support:

  • Guidance and support to create job application and CVs
  • Guidance and support to create EURES jobseeker account  at the EURES portal
  • Guidance and support to create tailor-made and individual job mobility plans
  • Further assistance in job search and other complementary services (support in job search, gathering further information about specific job vacancies, help in job vacancy pre-filtering)
  • Matching and placement services (handling & matching of CVs)

EURES services for employers from Estonia and from another EU / EFTA Member State:
General information and guidance 

  • General information and guidance about EURES-network (network, EURES portal, EURES services)
  • General information and guidance about the possibilities in recruitment and employment of EU workers (specific rules, procedures and obligations etc)
  • Publication of job vacancies on the EURES portal

Tailor-made guidance and support

  • Guidance and support on employer's request about job descriptions
  • Guidance to create EURES employer account on the EURES portal
  • Publication of job vacancies on the job search portal of some concrete EU/EEA country
  • Participation at the job fairs European Job Days
  • Matching and placement services (handling & matching of JVs)

EURES Estonia is a Partner in implementing EURES program Targeted Mobility Scheme, which aims to help EU nationals that need tailored assistance to find a job opportunity in another EU country, Norway or Iceland, and to support employers to find motivated and qualified workers. Please take the contact with us for more detailed information about the program by e-mail