February 2024

Language Friend Program Open for Registration for Practicing Estonian.


Anyone who wants to practise Estonian can sign up for the Estonian Integration Foundation’s Keelesõber programme from 9 February. The Keelesõber (“language friend”) programme offers 900 people who are willing to chat with language learners the opportunity to help them learn Estonian.

January 2024

July 2023

International House of Estonia


International House of Estonia one-stop shop for information and counselling about relocating, working and living in estonia international newcomers, their families and pets welcome all services available in english and free of charge Information about consultations is available here 

Your guide settling in Estonia 2023


The Settle in Estonia Programme is a free educational programme provided by the Estonian state which is intended to help the foreigners who have arrived in Estonia to adapt and become accustomed to local life more easily. You can see the courses available to you by clicking here. Before registering for a concrete course or seminar, please see whether the course is held online or in classroom.