Unemployment Rate Still Above EU Average


In the first quarter of 2012, the registered unemployment rate in Estonia stood at 10.8 percent, slightly exceeding the EU average but remaining below the Eurozone's all-time high recorded in April.

The EU unemployment rate stood at 10.3 percent in April, while the Eurozone figure was the highest recorded since the establishment of the monetary union in 1999 - 11 percent.

Unemployment has decreased fastest in Estonia compared to other EU nations, stats show, as in the first quarter of 2011, the registered unemployment rate stood at 13.6 percent.

In April, EU's highest unemployment was recorded in Spain - 24.3 percent - followed by Greece's 21.7 percent. The lowest rate, 3.9 percent, was recorded in Austria, with Luxembourg and Netherlands doing only slightly worse at 5.2 percent


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