Registered Unemployment Rises for 3rd Month Running


The number of registered unemployed increased for the third month in a row in December.

At the close of the year, 39,670 people were officially registered, which is 6 percent of the working-age population.

The month saw 5,262 new applications for unemployed status.

The highest level of registered unemployment was recorded in March 2010, when the total reached 95,000.

In December, Ida-Viru County (10.7 percent) and Valga County (10.5 percent) continued to have the highest unemployment, while Tartu County (4 percent) and Viljandi County (4.3 percent) had the lowest rates.

During the month, a total of 2,091 people received a job or went into business with the help of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Compared to November, fewer new job offers accrued (2,415), bringing the total to 6,294.

The fund paid out benefits to 9,704 people - 22 percent of those who were listed as registered unemployed during the month.


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