• EURES: Springboard into a new career!


    Upon graduating, a Belgian business management student availed of EURES’ services to find a challenging job as a consultant at RQA Europe, a global consultancy firm based in the UK.

  • EURES – planting seeds of cooperation


    Allskogsservice, a Swedish company providing forestry services, had an urgent demand for skilled workers for their 2009 spring season. Read on to find out how EURES helped them to hire the staff they needed.

  • EURES: An opportunity to make yourself heard!


    Hanna-Maria, a freelance opera singer from Malmö, south of Sweden, decided in 2008 that she needed a new challenge. With help from her local EURES Adviser she secured an audition in Hamburg and is currently working towards reaching her goal.

  • Blame it on the baggage handlers!


    After learning of an exciting opportunity from a EURES Adviser, French student Benoit Guillaume spent three and half months in ‘mind-blowing’ Prague - and can’t wait to bring all his friends back for the coming New Year.

  • Living and working in paradise


    The Greek bar and restaurant Climax, situated in one of the most utopian sites in Europe, has built up a profitable relationship with their local EURES Adviser in order to recruit international staff.

  • "I was sick of not finding an interesting job where I lived!"


    Géraldine Couvreur, from Belgium, headed to France for a three-month-internship at a famous TV channel, and ended up with a fixed term contract in the company she had always dreamt of working for.

  • Your local EURES Advisers – with you all the way


    In an economic slowdown with rising unemployment rates, the work of public employment services and EURES is increasingly important. Read on to learn more about the extent to which EURES Advisers, like Raphaëlle Denis in Dijon, can provide support.

  • A natural thing to do: bioengineering in Spain


    Stephen Craig, from Northern Ireland, worked for one year in Spain in the bioengineering sector while writing up his Ph.D. thesis. Six years later – and still in love with the country – he’s planning to go back to Spain again.

  • Searching for those with the perfect bedside manner


    Based in the UK town of Ipswich, homecare service Primary Homecare needs qualified staff – who are not always easy to find. Step in EURES…

  • Masiá Ciscar and Polish strawberry pickers – a fruitful co-operation


    Masiá Ciscar S.A., based in Spain, needs over 1000 foreign workers every year to manage their harvest of strawberries, oranges, plums and nectarines. Read on to find out how EURES helped them to recruit pickers from Poland….

  • Cygnific and EURES – a multinational match made in heaven!


    Cygnific, in Amsterdam, have very specific recruitment requirements: Nordic people with excellent language skills looking for long-term contracts. Find out how EURES helps to find just what Cygnific need.

  • The family touch


    When Slovenian Mojca Hostnik took part in an Erasmus programme in France, she had no idea that an international journey was about to start – with some timely advice from her EURES Adviser mother along the way...

  • PLOTEUS – Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space


    Looking for excitement in a new country? Don’t forget that it is possible to go abroad to study as well as to work. Find out what is available and where through the PLOTEUS portal, which centralises information about learning opportunities throughout Europe in a wide range of EU and non-EU languages.

  • Falling in love with the sea, the mountains and Greek culture


    Sibel Amet, from Romania, headed to Greece on a six-month volunteer programme when she was 23 – four years later, with the help of EURES, she’s a true local.

  • A summer in Spain


    What is the best way to get paid and still enjoy the summer? Roberta Grignolo, 28, found out, thanks to a Spanish seasonal job advertised in the EURES database.

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