• EURES Malta: Reaching out to employers


    Many jobseekers will of course find working on this Mediterranean island appealing - but notice should also be taken of EURES Malta’s services to employers.

  • Encouraging youth mobility in the Nordic countries


    Nordjobb is a Nordic exchange programme operating in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. Together, EURES and Nordjobb work to promote youth mobility and raise awareness of Nordic language and culture.

  • How EURES can lead jobseekers to a life of fun and games!


    Sarah Rutherford-Bryant of the United Kingdom was looking for an opportunity to move to Germany, in order to gain international experience, improve her German, and immerse herself in German culture. As a result of the cooperation between EURES and a private German employment agency, Sarah is now doing just that.

  • The natural way to work abroad


    Belgian biology student Marie Neczyporenko graduated university with a desire to gain experience abroad in a very particular field. Naturally, EURES provided the answer.

  • Taking the first steps after graduation


    Post-graduation is the perfect time to explore options and take advantage of opportunities abroad. EURES can show new jobseekers how to fully explore their opportunities in another European country. For a young Lithuanian couple, seeking advice from EURES led them to start a new adventure in Norway.

  • EURES: Creating more opportunities for young doctors


    EURES Denmark and EURES Italy have established a successful and innovative partnership in order to open more doors for young Italian medical graduates.

  • Creating a gem of a career!


    EURES has helped many multinational organisations in their search for the perfect employee. gem in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is one such employer that continues to benefit from a lasting relationship with EURES.

  • Accelerate your career!


    Large multinational organisations often need a helping hand in finding the right candidates to fill their vacancies, and the personalised service provided by EURES can be exactly what they need.

  • European Job Days!


    Each year, the EURES network organise hundreds of European Job Days, attracting jobseekers and employers from throughout Europe.

  • The fruits of seasonal labour!


    Would you like to spend a few months abroad, experiencing life in another European country? If so, then seasonal work might just be for you. And EURES can help.

  • 85% of our staff has been employed through EURES!


    Dominique Amodeo and Carmen Torres founded CD Publicité Lux in 2002, and began the search for employees. Seven years later and they employ between 50 and 100 people - 85% of which were found through EURES.

  • Quality treatment for a young medical student


    With an excellent academic background and an interest in gaining experience abroad, Italian medical student Laura Zanisi wasted no time in benefitting of the expertise of her local EURES Adviser. The result was a work placement that allowed her to discover a healthcare system completely different to that of her native Italy.

  • From candidate to recruiter!


    With a wealth of skills to offer and a taste for the international scene, Danish graduate Vildana Gacic used the EURES website—The European Job Mobility Portal—to quickly turn from jobseeker to recruiter, taking on a Human Resources position in a world renowned consultancy in Prague.

  • Your EURES Advisers: meeting employers by all means possible!


    When Danish EURES Adviser Jørgen Uldall-Ekman decided to encourage local agriculture employers to recruit from abroad, he figured that a EURES cow was just the thing to get their attention.

  • Young graduates – explore the possibilities at a European Job Day


    The 2009 Dresden European Job Day provided German student Nicole Hoffmann with the perfect opportunity to find her ideal job in another European country.

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