• Cross-border Job Days in Slovenia


    In May 2011, Slovenia hosted two cross-border Job Days with its neighbouring countries Austria and Italy. The events showcased a large number of opportunities for Slovenian jobseekers.

  • Dutch jobseekers find work at German factory


    Economic recovery in Germany is going well. So well, in fact, that there are already staff shortages in a number of areas. Thanks to the combined efforts of agencies and companies in the Netherlands and Germany, approximately 200 long-term Dutch jobseekers have found work at a German factory

  • Advice for budding entrepreneurs


    With the emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment to aid economic recovery, the number of European citizens looking to start up their own SMEs either at home or in another European country is set to rise. Many may want to take advantage of EURES services to this end.

  • Nordic Working – an information fair where dreams are shaped


    “Space”, “culture” and “a dream coming true” – those were the three most common reasons from those asked at the Nordic Working information fair why they were thinking of moving to Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway or Sweden.

  • Job speed dating: how to make a good first impression


    A job at first sight or perhaps an instant rejection – the concept of speed dating has made it into the realms of job recruitment. Although it is unlikely to replace more conventional recruitment methods, job speed dating is catching on as a first step in the process. It can be an effective way for jobseekers to present themselves and for employers to screen a larger number of candidates in a tight timeframe.

  • Job Day in Ireland most popular yet


    Jobseekers and job changers flocked to Tallaght, Ireland on 19 and 20 May for a European Job Day. With representatives coming from 16 countries, including Irish and European employers, the event attracted over 6 000 attendees.

  • New EURES Advisers to serve European jobseekers and employers


    Several times a year, staff of the public employment services throughout Europe are selected to attend week-long training sessions to become EURES Advisers. As a EURES Adviser they are expected to have a European instead of a national perspective on recruitment.

  • EURES helps Dutchman find job in Northern Ireland


    Thanks to EURES, Dutchman Danny Kooijman, 23, found a job with the Northern Irish firm, gem. Based in Belfast, gem provides its clients, including household names such as Microsoft and Cisco Systems, with customer contacts by e-mail and telephone in 29 languages.

  • EURES Ireland organises Irish-Polish business start-up seminar


    Over 80 Irish and Polish nationals attended a one-day seminar and workshop for budding entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in either Ireland or Poland. The workshop, held in Dublin in May 2011, was the first in a series of business start-up workshops for mobile workers and Irish citizens organised by EURES Ireland together with the Dublin City Enterprise Board.

  • EURES helps dentist to recruit staff


    Dental Zorg in Amsterdam, established in 1988, is a family-owned dental centre employing around 100 people. Some of these employees come from outside of the Netherlands. Dental Zorg’s Deputy Director, Naziem Adalat, has been successfully recruiting employees with the help of EURES since 2000.

  • EURAXESS: Your gateway to research jobs in Europe


    Looking for a research job? Or perhaps you’re a researcher considering a move within the European Union and need practical advice on how to get started? With over 4 000 research jobs and a plethora of information, EURAXESS could be just the resource you’re looking for.

  • Young Europeans want to work abroad


    According to the latest Eurobarometer survey, 53 % of young people in Europe want to work in another European country. However, less than 3 % of Europe's working population currently lives outside their home country.

  • EURES helps partners of EU Parliament staff to find jobs


    The European Parliament employs around 7 000 staff, including the 736 Members of Parliament. The personnel come from all European Member States often bringing with them husbands, wives or partners who have given up their careers in their home country to move to Belgium.

  • EURES helps Belgian social worker find job in the UK


    Flore Thewis from Belgium graduated as a social worker in 2004. After six years of working in different branches of social work she wanted to specialise. Her passion was to work with children, an area in which vacancies are scarce in Belgium and where temporary contracts are the norm. She was also looking for a new challenge that would enable her to build on the skills and experience she had already developed.

  • New service makes life easier for jobseekers in Denmark


    The International Citizen Service (ICS) provides help to people arriving in Denmark for work. Established at the beginning of 2011, it provides a “one-stop-shop” for registering with the Danish Tax and Customs Administration, the regional state administration and the local municipal administration.

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