• Luxembourg opens doors to new Member States


    As of 1st November 2007, jobseekers from all new EU Member States of the 2004 enlargement have free access to the Luxembourg labour market.

  • A successful triangle


    When a Portuguese worker finds a job with a German company in Malta – then EURES can’t be far.

  • European 'pension mobility'


    The European Union facilitates not only labour mobility amongst its Member States, but also helps its retired workers receive their pensions across borders – a sometimes forgotten benefit.

  • Never too young to be successful


    In search of a new challenge in the field of mental health and aiming to develop her managerial skills-set in an international environment, a 29-year-old Italian doctor made a bold career move, swapping Palermo in Italy, for Essex in the UK.

  • Iceland – an uncommon destination


    Vita from Latvia made an unusual choice, when she decided with her fiancé to start a new life in Iceland. But hard work, tenacity and EURES support helped the young woman to find a well-paid job and a future.

  • Studying and working in the new EU - a Norwegian example


    Anne-Kathrine Lystad enjoyed her design studies in Romania. Now she’s back to work for her old university – with a rucksack full of information from EURES.

  • 'Sorry, I do not speak Danish' is no longer an obstacle


    Overcoming linguistic barriers is a routine challenge for many employers when hiring foreign staff. A Danish company has found an innovative solution and newly recruited Polish and German employees now wear a badge which reads “Sorry, I do not speak Danish” until they learn the language.

  • Work moves to jobseekers - another reality of labour mobility in the new EU member states


    When employers have a hard time finding qualified workers close by, they can either hire from abroad, or – as our story shows – move towards their future staff.

  • Direct flight from Sicily to Europe


    It can be a challenge for young Sicilians to find employment locally which matches their aspirations. EURES advisers have helped many jobseekers find satisfying work abroad, to which our Sicilians add a large dose of Mediterranean enthusiasm!

  • A ferry-trip towards new jobs


    The Baltic Training Centre (BTC) educates and supports German jobseekers as they seek new careers in Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

  • Nordic oil employs southern engineers


    Portuguese engineers are very popular with Norwegian companies, satisfying the high demand for skilled workers. And EURES helps to link both sides.

  • Abroad and yet at home


    Sweden has become one of the role models for quality of life and social security in Europe – and thus is an attractive place to live and work.

  • A heart for Dublin


    EURES helped young Sicilian Adriano Parisi to widen his professional horizon and language skills in the Irish capital.

  • Just across the border


    Globalisation can make both jobs and workers travel far away, but sometimes your new job may be found closer than you think.

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