• A summer break at 1800m above sea level


    Needing a break from university, a Slovakian student made the most of her language skills and headed to work in a picturesque Alpine hotel for the summer of 2008.

  • EURES – my path to Italy


    An Italian company which specialises in animation looking for motivated personnel and a Dutch student who had just completed her studies in sport looking for a job that matches her expectations – step in EURES!

  • With a little help from my friends…


    Feeling ready for new challenges and adventures, Latvian Ieva and two others decided to head to Iceland after friends recommended it as an interesting place to work…

  • ‘I love everything about England – apart from driving on the wrong side!’


    After returning to Slovenia from a four-month summer job in England, Matej loves British culture so much that he now alternates between eating Yorkshire pudding and banana sandwiches.

  • A good reaction: chemical engineering in the UK


    International engineering graduates looking for work and a global energy company’s graduate scheme – read on to learn how EURES bridges the gap to find a solution which pleases everyone.

  • From Austrian night school to a Scandinavian laboratory…


    After two years of studying Swedish at night school in Austria, biomedical analyst Petra, 27, wanted to experience things for herself.…

  • Real life in the Canary Islands


    At 52 Finn Päivi Joensuu felt that it was the right moment for a professional change and headed to Spain. Find out why Päivi feels she has found her niche, and plans to stay in Gran Canaria indefinitely…

  • Sun, Sea and EURES…the alternative student summer holiday!


    Students often need summer jobs, but that does not mean they need to be boring! Have a look at how a Finnish student earned money over the summer working in the north of Germany thanks to EURES.

  • Leonardo, EURES and me: a perfect partnership


    Julia, 28, had never lived abroad – until a Job Day organised by EURES and ANPE in Bordeaux in 2007 led her straight to cultural research in Seville, giving her a lasting taste for life in Spain.

  • Sometimes life can be plain sailing…


    Read how a trip to a EURES Adviser took Thomas Cole from the sturdy streets of Ghent to the decks of ‘La Nouvelle Etoile’, a luxury barge that cruises through Holland, Belgium, Germany and France.

  • Free advice, guidance and dispute resolution – making your move in Europe easier


    So, like thousands of people across the EU, you’ve decided to benefit from your European citizenship and from the EU’s single market and seek work, business or retirement abroad. Where to start, and how to plan? That’s where a whole range of free European services come in.

  • “Ich bin eine Berlinerin”, Finlander, Brummie…


    A 23-year-old girl from Finland pursued one international experience after another with help from EURES, which gave her the advice she needed every step of the way.

  • EURAXESS – support for European researchers


    Are you a mobile European researcher in search of information on job vacancies, funding information and your rights, or perhaps a research body looking for recruitment support? Look no further – EURAXESS could be the answer to your prayers.

  • Not only for youngsters


    Working abroad is an experience for Europeans of all ages – and is just a click away.

  • From confused to employed in just one month


    EURES’ constant support combined with a piece of job-hunting luck made sure that Austrian Daniela Jandl fitted right in to her new home in Italy.

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