Veoautojuht / Truck Drivers (m/f)


Nimetus:Veoautojuht / Truck Drivers (m/f)
Valdkond:sõidukijuhtimine, tõstukijuhtimine
ISCO kood:83320002
Tööülesanded:The employer is located in Saarland with about 160 employees (truck fleet, garage, administration). The company has 110 own vehicles as well as 60 external transports driving through Germany, the three Benelux-countries, and close to the German-French border. Next to car transports, the employer also does repair / maintenance and deals with spare parts. In order to gain experience, an intensive on-the-job-training is offered. Your tasks: · transport of vehicles (cars) · loading and unloading, as well as securing of the loaded vehicles · handling of GPS and MDE devices · communicating with car dealers
Omalt poolt pakume:Our offer: · salary 2,600 Euro pre-tax/month + 25 % extra-pay for extra work + holiday pay · assistance with accommodation and official registration procedure · flexible work time models
Lepingu kestus:tähtajatu leping
Kandideerimise lõpp:28.09.2018
Tööandja:Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung (ZAV)
Lisamise aeg:30.08.2018

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