A heart for Dublin


EURES helped young Sicilian Adriano Parisi to widen his professional horizon and language skills in the Irish capital.

Adriano Parisi is a 24 year old Sicilian from Palermo. Being a part-time student of aerospace engineering, he has the opportunity to develop other interests which go far beyond the technical issues of his studies.

Driven by a strong interest to improve his English language skills and to discover another country, in 2005 Adriano contacted the local EURES Adviser Gianfranco Badami in Palermo. He had a very clear idea in his mind – to spend some time in an English speaking country and – preferably – in a multicultural business environment. By coincidence, the EURES office was just at that point starting an important recruitment project for the car rental company Hertz Europe in Dublin.

In a first recruitment stage in December 2005, 150 candidates from Sicily and other parts of Italy were pre-selected by EURES offices all over the country. Adriano went with quite some excitement to the Labour Market Department of the Sicilian Regional Government, where he was interviewed and had to pass a written test. Soon after, the Palermo EURES office selected 75 jobseekers, which were invited to a second round of interviews. Eventually a group of 25 candidates, including Adriano, were proposed contracts for Hertz in Dublin.

In Adriano’s opinion, the recruitment process was “very professional”. He started his job at the Hertz European Service Centre in February 2006, working in the consumer care division responsible for the Italian market. As his English rapidly improved, he also partially took care of Irish and British customers.

“The Dublin adventure was wonderful,” says Adrian. “Especially to work in such an international and multicultural environment was fantastic!” He furthermore appreciated the possibility of being employed in a multinational company. “Learning about the organisation’s structures, company philosophy and working methods were a genuinely enriching experience”, he says.

After having finished his six month contract for Hertz in Dublin, Adriano went back to Italy in order to continue his aerospace studies. His plan for the near future is to continue the European adventure that started in Dublin, probably in some other European country. In the meantime, he will celebrate his 25th birthday in a few days! Happy Birthday Adriano!


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