French Connection in Pavia


On joining her boyfriend in Pavia, Italy a 28 year-old French nurse spots and gets her dream job with the help of EURES. Helping people find the right job is not the only service offered by EURES Advisers. They can also be very useful in giving information on how to avoid administrative procedures, or simply giving support to new employees on the look-out for accommodation. Laëtitia Daunay, a 28 year-old French nurse talks to us in Italy, sharing her experiences and explaining the support she got from EURES Adviser, Aurora Scalora.

“I’ve always wanted to help people and I’ve never pictured myself working in any other place but a hospital,” Laëtitia Daunay begins. Originally hailing from Aix-les-Bains, Laëtitia left her home city behind to study in Grenoble in pursuit of a career in nursing. It was there that she had the chance to undertake several traineeships in the fields of surgery, medicine, geriatrics, psychiatry and public healthcare. With such a promising professional background, finding a job in France would have been fairly straightforward.

Laëtitia had other ideas though and decided to move to Pavia -- a city known in Middle Age as the capital of Lombardy and for its hundred impressive towers and famous today for its prestigious university, to be reunited with her Italian boyfriend. “I’d never imagined leaving behind my family, friends and the beautiful region of Rhône-Alpes, but I’m glad that I made the decision. It definitely changed my life,” says Laëtitia. Although love was strong enough to make her want to start a new life in Pavia, Laëtitia did not lose sight of her professional goal of a hospital career and worked hard to learn Italian quickly.

Even before coming to Italy, following a friend’s advice, she got in touch with the EURES office from the Province of Pavia, where EURES Adviser Aurora Scalora gave her all the information she needed to get a job in the region. Aurora advised Laëtitia what documents to bring with her to Italy, where to translate and certify them, as well as giving her tips on other practical details. “I knew from my experience that many jobseekers looking for a job in the medical field lose time and energy with administrative procedures, so I gave Laëtitia clear indications to avoid any possible problems,” Aurora points out.

With the support of her EURES Adviser, Laëtitia’s ambition paid off and a few months later she found a job that matched all her expectations, at the Emergency Department of the ‘Fondazione I.R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Matteo’. She is now working in a prestigious hospital on a short-term contract and enjoying learning more about helping those in need. “I’m very happy that I got this job and it’s mainly due to the good advice and support from Aurora,” Laëtitia tells us, encouraging other jobseekers to contact the EURES offices for professional guidance.

Following a good start to life in Italy, Laëtitia is now planning to participate in an open competition at the hospital, which will allow her to sign a long-term contract if successful. The hospital has a staff of nearly 3 500 employees and even though this competition only allows for 36 more job opportunities, Laëtitia has a good chance of taking one of them and is keeping her fingers crossed.


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