Sharp as nails: one carpenter’s targeted search for work abroad


Find out how EURES helped Romanian Daniel Voinea to find work, accommodation and friends in the Swedish forest. When in March 2007 Romanian Daniel Voinea, a 33-year-old carpenter, first considered moving to another country in order to better support his wife and two young daughters, he never could have imagined it would have happened through EURES, a service he never even heard of before! Daniel hails from Brezoi, a small town in South-West Romania and, having worked for almost 15 years for several Romanian construction companies, is a specialist in his field. It was thanks to a close friend, who was already using the portal, that Daniel was first introduced to EURES. With great surprise, he happily discovered that many vacancies in the construction sector were on offer in France, Finland and Sweden.

The next step was to visit the closest EURES office, where he met Liviu Cochirlea, the county’s adviser. “Daniel arrived to the office already knowing what he wanted,” says Liviu, who helped Daniel to prepare a Europass-format CV in English and then to apply for several vacancies.

After just a few days a Swedish employer contacted Daniel offering him a job as a carpenter in his construction company, L.M. Ericsson. Sweden is one of the few countries to have opened its labour market fully to Bulgaria and Romania. For the first two years following the accession of the two countries, entrance of Bulgarian and Romanian workers to the labour markets of the other Member States has depended on national laws and policies of those states, as well as on bilateral agreements with Bulgaria and Romania (see Information on transitional rules). However, many countries are now relaxing these restrictions.

Daniel accepted Mr. Ericsson’s offer enthusiastically and very soon received an employment contract and a flight ticket to Sweden. In June 2007 he moved to Adelsö, a beautiful island in the middle of Lake Mälaren, not far from Stockholm, where he currently works as a carpenter. “Mr. Ericsson and his wife were waiting for me at the airport when I arrived. I love my new job: I work and live with five other Romanians in a nice house in the middle of the forest, very close to where the construction company is located,” enthuses Daniel. “Our employer provided us with the house and even pays for my plane tickets when I want to go back home for holidays. The salary is much higher than in Romania and I can financially support my family from here.”

The Romanian is slowly learning Swedish but doesn’t have time for language courses: “I will probably learn Swedish in the same way I learned English many years ago: by watching TV, reading newspapers and making conversation,” Daniel explains. “I don’t have any particular problem for the moment since everybody seems to speak English fluently here. I already have many friends and I like to go fishing and visiting the country with them during my leisure time.”

As for the future, Daniel says that he would like to remain in Sweden for a couple of years and then move back to his home country to be with his family. “Because of EURES, new prospects opened up for me – thanks to this job I can support my family. Liviu, the Romanian EURES Adviser, helped me from A to Z and he can consider his mission accomplished!”

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