From confused to employed in just one month


EURES’ constant support combined with a piece of job-hunting luck made sure that Austrian Daniela Jandl fitted right in to her new home in Italy. Austrian Daniela Jandl, 30, had been looking for a job in Italy with no success; coming across EURES online changed everything. Just over one month from her first meeting with her local Italian EURES Adviser, Daniela was offered her perfect job.

Daniela studied History and Italian at Vienna University, and, in 2003-2004, studied in Perugia as part of the Erasmus programme. Whilst there, she fell in love with the region. So, once she had finished her studies in Vienna in November 2006, Daniela moved to Foligno (a small town near Perugia) and immediately started looking for a job.

Daniela visited the local branch of the Italian public employment service, but was still looking for more specialised guidance from people used to working with people in her situation: “I found the procedure for foreigners quite complicated and was looking for some kind of service dedicated to international workers.” Soon after, she returned to Austria for her Christmas holiday, and carried on job-hunting there. While surfing the Austrian public employment service’s website, she came across some information on EURES. It sounded like exactly what she had been looking for.

Daniela contacted her local adviser in Austria, who made use of the EURES network to pass her on to her local adviser, Paola Lanari, back in Perugia. Daniela arranged an appointment with Paola in Perugia for January, 2007.

At the meeting, after chatting about Daniela’s needs, the two of them sat down to browse the vacancy database together. To their surprise, they soon found the perfect vacancy – with a closing date of that same day! The job was in a publishing house which needed a German-speaking secretary/marketing assistant. Paola helped Daniela to draft a cover letter in Italian that very afternoon. Everything was sent out just a few hours before the application procedure closed.

In early February 2007, Daniela was called to a first interview with the publishing house, Editoriale Campi. The interview included translation tests, both from Italian into German and the other way round; Daniela must have done well, as she was called back for a second interview soon after. In mid-February, just a month after the meeting with her local EURES Adviser, Daniela was offered the job.

Daniela started to work in March 2007, and was pleased to find that her duties were varied and that the boss was very supportive – great experience. Though the salary was not enormous, she was put on a six-year contract that could easily have become permanent. However, Daniela’s plans changed in the summer of 2007 when she decided to return home to Austria to start teacher training.

“I was sad to leave Foligno, as I had lots of friends there, enjoyed my work and got on very well with my boss, who didn’t actually want to let me go!” says Daniela. “I’d love to travel abroad again and would go straight to EURES for help this time.

“Ideally I’d like to work in the cultural or education sector in the UK or Ireland, so that I could gain experience while improving my English. You never know, though – maybe I’ll try out a new part of Italy! I’m also still in touch with my former employers at Editoriale Campi so I also have that link.”

One thing’s for certain – moving abroad to work can be confusing and sometimes frustrating, but EURES is always there to support you every step of the way.

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