Young graduates – explore the possibilities at a European Job Day


The 2009 Dresden European Job Day provided German student Nicole Hoffmann with the perfect opportunity to find her ideal job in another European country. With the current economic climate making final year students and recent graduates increasingly worried about their future, it is essential that they are given the best possible advice and informed of all their employment options. European Job Days provide the perfect opportunity to match jobseekers and employers from across Europe, and for EURES to provide concrete advice on how the EU can help you achieve your potential. The Job Days vary in size and focus but they are all run with the aim of encouraging mobility throughout Europe, and of course putting the right candidate in the right vacancy.

Nicole Hoffmann was in her final year of studying social work in Dresden and had decided to look for work in an English-speaking country in order to improve her English language skills. The United Kingdom was therefore an obvious choice for Nicole. The European Job Day in Dresden in March 2009 proved vital in helping her find her current position as a Residential Support Worker with Rowden House School in Herefordshire. Her story demonstrates the important role that the Job Days can play in helping students and recent graduates to find their perfect job in another European country.

“I spent three years studying to be a legal assistant but when I finished my legal studies I realised that it wasn’t for me. After volunteering for a year in a residential home in Dresden for people with disabilities I decided to study to become a social care worker.”

It was at the Dresden European Job Day that Nicole first met Joe Bennett, a EURES Adviser from the North East England office. Before travelling to Germany, Joe sent his EURES colleagues in Dresden information on the skills shortage in the social work sector in the UK. Nicole was curious about this opportunity but wanted advice on the labour market and working life in the UK before making her final decision. Joe was able to advise her generally about the situation, and when he returned to the UK he sent her more specific information related to the sector.

Through Joe, Nicole was introduced to Jacaranda Recruitment, an international recruitment agency based in London and working closely with EURES, specialising in providing permanent candidates from throughout Europe for social work and social care posts.

Following her interview with Jacaranda in March 2009, Nicole managed to secure employment with Rowden House School, where she began working in August. The school, which is just a stone’s throw from the lovely and historical town of Worcester, provides individualised care and education programmes for children and young adults aged 11 to 19 years with severe learning disabilities and challenging behavioural problems. Nicole was delighted to start working at Rowden House and believes that she has truly found her perfect job.

Besides, perhaps, a lack of enthusiasm for the local cuisine, Nicole is really enjoying her new life in the UK and having the opportunity to improve her English. “It is a great working environment. I’m working with people from all over the world. When I first moved I got to know some other Germans but now that I have settled I am starting to make some really great international friends.”

“EURES and Jacaranda have been terrific at helping me settle here. There is always someone to talk to if I need advice and that gives me a real sense of security. I’ve had a really great experience with EURES. I’m so glad that I went to the Job Day and would recommend people looking for work in other European countries to attend a European Job Day.”

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