From candidate to recruiter!


With a wealth of skills to offer and a taste for the international scene, Danish graduate Vildana Gacic used the EURES website—The European Job Mobility Portal—to quickly turn from jobseeker to recruiter, taking on a Human Resources position in a world renowned consultancy in Prague. Like many students of her age, Vildana completed her studies with a desire to seek opportunities abroad. With a joint Bulgarian and Danish national background, coming from an international secondary school and having enjoyed her Erasmus (the European students’ exchange programme) year, an international element to her career was a clear priority. Providing an accessible and comprehensive overview of the opportunities arising over borders, the EURES website can be an important first point of contact for new graduates such as Vildana.

Vildana was no stranger to EURES, having previously used the website to find a tourism job in Spain. Although she ended up not taking this position, she knew instinctively where to look next time she felt an urge to go abroad. Vildana emphasised the uniqueness of the EURES portal, explaining that “The EURES website is really the only site if you’re looking for jobs abroad, as most other job sites only have a couple of options. I knew that moving to a new country was my first priority so the EURES site was the natural choice.”

Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in Service Management and Business Administration, a Human Resources (HR) position was a great way to start out in the business world. And what better way to launch her career than with an internationally renowned management consultancy? Finding an advert for a Danish-speaking HR administrator located in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, with Accenture on the EURES site, Vildana was immediately motivated to pick up the phone. Her qualifications were clearly of interest to the company, who requested an interview and offered her the job straight away: “Within 3 weeks I was on the plane to Prague!” Thus within no time at all, she moved from being a jobseeker to a recruiter.

Vildana explained her responsibilities: “It’s more than just looking through CVs and making job matches. We also have to ensure that candidates are receiving their correct social protection – we make sure payments are being made, that people are receiving their maternity cover, etc. It can be quite varied and is really rewarding work”. There are also some clear benefits in working for a large company such as Accenture: “They really helped me out with the transition process – sorting out my registration and medical checks, etc. Prague is a fantastic place to work but I have to say that the bureaucracy is a bit of a headache, so the assistance was indispensable.”

Vildana has seemingly landed on her feet with an exciting and hectic lifestyle. She is living in an international apartment and is enjoying socialising with her flatmates and colleagues. Within the short amount of time she has been there she has joined a multi-national book group and a writers’ club. She also hopes to begin language classes soon so as to benefit more from opportunities in her new country.

Vildana’s experience demonstrates that high-calibre professional opportunities throughout Europe are only a click away. The EURES portal brings together around a million vacancies from 31 countries, allowing jobseekers to upload and maintain CVs while searching for that perfect opportunity.


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