85% of our staff has been employed through EURES!


Dominique Amodeo and Carmen Torres founded CD Publicité Lux in 2002, and began the search for employees. Seven years later and they employ between 50 and 100 people - 85% of which were found through EURES. CD Publicité Lux is a Luxembourg-based agency specialising in sales events and the public promotion of new products. The work can involve anything from a simple presentation, to arranging a public testing or tasting. Therefore, there is an obvious need for enthusiastic, energetic and outgoing staff to sell the products successfully.

When Dominique Amodeo and Carmen Torres founded CD Publicité Lux in 2002, they faced difficulties in finding both suitable candidates, and candidates who would be willing to work two days a week, plus some weekends and at sales events, which was what the job required. Therefore, the pair turned to EURES to expand their search and look abroad, where they found many people eager to fill the vacancies.

The EURES collaboration started when Dominique and Carmen paid a visit to the local offices of French public employment agency Pôle Emploi. ‘Since we were having trouble finding suitable candidates, we went to the agency where we met EURES Adviser Eric Barthélémy - who is still our EURES contact person today’, recalls Dominique. ‘We explained our situation to him, including the kind of profiles we were looking for, and what we could offer to our employees. Eric clearly understood our needs and organised a very fruitful information day. This day allowed us to present CD Publicité Lux to a group of interested people. Eric was available to answer questions on cross-border mobility, for those who might want to remain living in one country but work for us in Luxembourg.’ Candidates who were still interested after the presentation were invited to send their CV to Dominique and Carmen, who started the recruitment process.

The great number of CVs Carmen and Dominique received after the information day made them realise that French people in particular were interested in coming to work for them in Luxembourg. ‘This job is particularly advantageous for those needing flexibility, such as parents, because of the varied working times’.

Dominique explains: ‘There are quite a few groups for whom working part-time might be quite appealing – parents, retired citizens, even farmers. For them, a position with CD Publicité was an excellent option’.

Dominique and Carmen were so satisfied with their initial cooperation with EURES that they decided to continue working closely with them, and today Eric still organises recruitment sessions according to the company’s requirements. This was clearly a beneficial relationship for both parties. As Dominique says, ‘We are very happy with our EURES collaboration. It was especially helpful that we have had the same adviser from the very beginning, following our company’s progress. Eric understands our needs and knows how to find the perfect candidates for our team’.

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