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Large multinational organisations often need a helping hand in finding the right candidates to fill their vacancies, and the personalised service provided by EURES can be exactly what they need. The European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the world’s largest centres for scientific research and an organisation continually searching for bright, qualified candidates. For new graduates and jobseekers from all over Europe with an interest in the field, a placement at CERN would be a momentous achievement.

With Finland facing a 10% unemployment rate in the next year, some Finnish jobseekers may need a helping hand in finding vacancies where they can use their specific skills and know-how. Finnish EURES Adviser Mr Tomi Puranen and his colleagues have been working towards increasing cooperation with CERN in order to assist their pool of jobseekers in finding placements. Mr Puranen said that ‘CERN currently does not have many Finnish workers, and they are very interested in changing this - Nordic countries have good reputations in terms of the high-quality technical and scientific qualifications they offer’. Mr Puranen also emphasises that there are varied opportunities for graduates at CERN: ‘One thing that many Finnish jobseekers don’t know is that in addition to the full-time jobs they offer, they also have numerous training programmes and summer jobs for students. Thus, increasing knowledge of CERN amongst university students and graduates would be greatly beneficial to all.’

Mr Puranen and his EURES colleagues take part in organising European Job Days throughout Finland, in liaison with Turku Academic Career Services, the career services department of the Turku University of Applied Sciences and Turku Vocational Institute. The first Job Day was held in 2006 and CERN was one of the organisations approached to attend. Consequently, since that first day, CERN has been a regular visitor. ‘The advantage of attending Job Days is that local jobseekers can see our employment openings, and the specific country contacts from EURES can learn a bit more about what we are looking for’, says Ms Clementine Lehtinen, a CERN Human Resources Advisor. The organisation is always a popular exhibitor at the events and Ms Lehtinen stresses that they do not only search for physicists: ‘We are looking for highly competent people across all fields, who have an interest in what we do".

The EURES team also assist in fostering interaction between between CERN and Finnish universities. Mr Puranen said that ‘Last year, CERN approached us, and expressed an interest in conducting a presentation at the University of Helsinki, which is the biggest technical university in Finland. We contacted the career services department of the university on their behalf and organised the presentation.’

The benefits of fostering a good relationship with international organisations thus become abundantly clear. ‘We hope to work more closely with other organisations such as CERN, and provide them with access to the high quality of employees that they require,’ concluded Mr Puranen.

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