Encouraging youth mobility in the Nordic countries


Nordjobb is a Nordic exchange programme operating in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. Together, EURES and Nordjobb work to promote youth mobility and raise awareness of Nordic language and culture. For young people aged 18 to 28 who are interested in working in the Nordic region, Nordjobb (http://www.nordjobb.net/) could provide the answer. Nordjobb is an exchange programme between the Nordic countries and is run by The Nordic Association (Föreningen Norden).

The programme receives applications from young people all over Europe. No previous experience is necessary – it is only required that applicants have an interest in Nordic culture, a good knowledge of Danish, Norwegian or Swedish, and a willingness to learn as much as possible throughout the experience. The programme provides access to a wide range of jobs, from seasonal work in agriculture, to working in warehouses, to assisting in retirement homes and day care centres.

Typically, Nordjobb supplies recruiters with the profiles of young applicants. Occasionally, however, the recruiter may be seeking employees that they do not have, and this is where cooperation with EURES can prove very beneficial. For example, Nordjobb and EURES Finland recently worked in close cooperation in order to supply truck drivers to Sweden – a field in which workers are in demand in Sweden and available in Finland.

The cooperation between these two networks is especially clear when it comes to the organisation of information and recruitment events for companies. Frederik Jakobsen of Nordjobb has been working particularly closely with EURES Finland in the organisation of these recruitment days. He explains that the process is simple but effective – a recruitment event is typically held for a specific employer in need of workers from abroad. The employer could be from any sector. The company is presented beforehand with a selection of potential candidates, some of whom are jobseekers registered on the EURES portal. The recruiter can then choose the candidates they would like to invite for interview at the event.

EURES sends the invitations and the cost of the candidates’ travel is covered by the Finnish Public Employment Service. Finnish EURES Adviser Tomi Puranen goes on to explain that he usually launches the event by welcoming the jobseekers, before Nordjobb and representatives of the employer talk about the practical aspects of working for this company – daily tasks, salary, accommodation, and leisure activities, for example. Then, throughout the rest of the day, interviews are held and the EURES Adviser present is available for information and advice about living and working abroad. Of course, the events are also open to the wider public.

Since March 2008, these events have taken place in Turku, Finland, two to three times a year. So far, each event has resulted in approximately ten offers to Finnish jobseekers. Tomi states, ‘EURES and Nordjobb can exchange employer contacts, thereby helping jobseekers looking for work in Nordic countries. As for the jobseekers, advisers from both EURES and Nordjobb are available for advice and information at any stage of the process, at home and in the host country’.

‘Together, Nordjobb and EURES are really helping to increase the opportunities of young people all over Europe, while fostering an understanding and interest in Nordic culture’, adds Frederik.


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