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After graduating, Swedish student Kristin Jacobsen decided she wanted an interesting opportunity in a beautiful location. Little did she know, the perfect opportunity was only a click away. After graduating from the Catholic University of Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, with a degree in psychology, Swedish student Kristin Jacobsen started her job search. Driven by the desire to discover new places and move closer to nature, Kristin decided to start her search in the Scandinavian countries. It was at this point that her father suggested the EURES Job Mobility Portal.

Kristin was immediately impressed by the amount of labour mobility information and the extensive choice of jobs offered on the portal. In particular, she found it very useful that the jobs were grouped geographically; this meant she could search according to where she wanted to live, making the whole process much more efficient. The EURES Job Mobility Portal quickly became her exclusive job search tool.

After sending several unsuccessful applications to potential employers in some of the major cities of Sweden and Norway, Kristin decided to focus her job search on smaller towns and selected the north of Norway, particularly the area from Brønnøysund to Bodø known as Nordland. This was due in particular to the beauty of the area. Once again EURES proved to be a great source of opportunities and information. Kristin came across a vacancy in the city hospital of Brønnøysund and immediately sent in an application. A month later, she was on her way to starting her new job.

Kristin is currently doing an internship as a clinical psychologist, working with children and young adults. In September she will start a five-year university specialisation course in clinical psychology, throughout which she will be able to continue to gain experience by working in the hospital. Working conditions in Norway are very favourable and Kristin, as an intern, enjoys the same conditions as those offered by a standard employment contract. Kristin is therefore well on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a clinical psychologist.

Kristin had no problems integrating with the local community. Having a Norwegian father she already spoke the language fluently which was a great help. In an extra effort to get to know people, she also joined the Red Cross volunteers of the area. Kristin enjoys her new lifestyle and has achieved what she was hoping for: an exciting job, the chance to live somewhere new, and all in a beautiful location close to nature. ‘EURES has played a fundamental role in these achievements’, says Kristen. ‘When I was looking for a job it made things so much easier to just concentrate on the EURES portal, not having to spend time looking at each individual city in Scandinavia for job offers! I just had to search the EURES portal and all the information I needed was listed there, according to country, city and professional field.’

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