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On the Italian island of Sicily a project is underway aimed at providing opportunities for young doctors. Italian EURES Adviser Gianfranco Badami and his colleagues have, to date, helped two Sicilian doctors find new opportunities in the United Kingdom. Sicily is an island of five million inhabitants, one million of which are currently unemployed. There is a general high level of education among the inhabitants but a lack of opportunities, and therefore people often have difficulties finding a job. In light of these circumstances, EURES Adviser Gianfranco Badami and his colleagues are focusing their attention on medical graduates and are working to allow Italian doctors the chance to gain experience in the British medical system. It was decided two years ago that EURES Italy and the UK-based Chris Morse Agency Healthcare Professionals would work together to find new opportunities for Italian doctors – the agency would find the vacancies, and EURES would find the candidates.

Dr Francesca Rizzo decided she wanted to gain experience working abroad when she finished her anaesthesia and resuscitation specialisation course. On the website of her university she found an advertisement for opportunities for medical specialists in the UK, being promoted by the Palermo office of EURES. She wasted no time in sending her CV and after only 24 hours received a call from Gianfranco, who has the responsibility of ensuring applicants have the necessary skills before forwarding their profile to the UK agency. Preliminary phone calls were arranged between Francesca and several hospitals, before she flew to England for interviews. Now Francesca is happily settled in a London hospital, which she believes represents a significant step for her career and her training as a doctor. She states that the assistance provided by EURES throughout the process was indispensible – from selection of her CV, to help with the administrative documents required to move to England, Francesca today says the experience was ‘100% positive!’.

Similarly, Dr Laura Cicciarella, upon finishing her specialisation course in November 2009, began researching opportunities in Italy. During her search, she came across an advertisement for anaesthesiologists, paediatricians, and emergency care doctors in the UK, via EURES. Even though she hadn’t previously considered the possibility of moving abroad, she decided to send her CV to EURES. A few days later she was contacted by Gianfranco and a phone interview with the UK agency was arranged. Like Francesca, Laura flew to England shortly after and attended three interviews. To her delight, she was offered all three positions and decided to accept a post at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Now Laura is settled in Oxford and busy meeting new acquaintances and learning new skills.

Gianfranco states that, in light of its success, the project is planned to continue. ‘CVs are still being received on a regular basis from doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, and two more candidates have been put forward for positions in the United Kingdom and Ireland’, he states.

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