EURES and EPSO – working together to get the best people for Europe


The Brussels European Job Day is the EURES flagship event attended by thousands of jobseekers and employers every year – including the European Personnel Selection Office who recruits people from all backgrounds to work in the European institutions. The European Personnel Selection Office's (EPSO) cooperation with EURES began back in 2007 when EURES approached them with the idea of participating in the annual Brussels European Job Day. Diana Van Altena of EPSO explains, ‘We felt that forming a cooperation with EURES would provide us with numerous advantages: EURES’ jobseekers include people from all backgrounds, educational levels, and with different skills sets, which is a perfect match with what we look for’.

EPSO is the central organisation responsible for selecting potential candidates to work in the European Union Institutions. Once a candidate has successfully passed the testing procedures of EPSO, they are then eligible to be hired by institutions such as the European Parliament, the European Council, the European Commission, and the Committee of the Regions, among others. EPSO is always on the lookout for talented new recruits from all over Europe and runs a series of competitions to fill these vacancies.

EPSO has identified numerous other benefits of establishing a cooperation with EURES. ‘They are able to provide us with up-to-date information and advice on the employment situations in different countries, as well as telling us where we might find certain skill sets,’ continued Diana. ‘We also turn to EURES for information on educational institutions, as well as other locations where we might be able to provide information on EPSO.’

EPSO has been attending the Brussels European Job Day since its first participation in 2007 and is currently preparing for the 2010 event. The organisation also attended, for the first time, a European Job Day in Ljubljana, Slovenia last year. ‘We are the face of the European Union in the recruitment arena and these events are a great way to meet jobseekers,’ said Diana.

Each year at the Brussels Job Day, EPSO provides information about the selection processes and the current open competitions. This year, EPSO will not only have a stand at the event but will also be giving presentations. Jobseekers have the opportunity to speak with EPSO staff about the various opportunities available, as well as get an overall idea of the type of candidate profiles required, and the benefits of a career in a European institution. ‘We are also very interested in receiving feedback from jobseekers, to see what their perceptions of the European Union are, and to understand whether the public knows about the competitions that are run by EPSO every year,’ continued Diana.

EPSO is hoping that its cooperation with EURES will continue. ‘We feel that working together with EURES will help us to get the best people working for Europe,’ concluded Diana.

For more information visit or contact EPSO-NETWORKS at ec dot europa dot eu dot

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