Lithuanian stylist gets a new look through EURES


Attending a European Job Day led Lithuanian beauty salon owner Sandra Sumskiene and her family to embark on a new life in Norway. European Job Days are an excellent opportunity for jobseekers to meet EURES Advisers and prospective employers, and to discover the opportunities that await them. The events are arranged all over Europe and everyone who is interested in learning more about working abroad can attend the events. Sandra Sumskiene, the owner of a beauty salon in the Siauliai region of Lithuania, is one of the many examples of people who have gone to a European Job Day searching for a new opportunity.

Sandra first heard about EURES and its services from the Lithuanian public employment service in her region. A short time later, she saw an advertisement about an upcoming local European Job Day in a newspaper and decided to go along. Norwegian EURES Adviser Hallgeir Jenssen was present at the event to provide advice and information to jobseekers and anyone interested in life in Norway. Hallgeir says, ‘All in all, 150 people attended the European Job Day and I received over 50 CVs that day, one of which was Sandra’s’.

Happily, Hallgeir had just received a phone call from an employer in Norway, who was having problems recruiting people to work at his hair salon. The employer was situated in a small village called Nordreisa, in the north of Troms county and as soon as Hallgeir met Sandra he thought of this position.

On his return to Norway, he spoke to the employer and contacted Sandra about the opportunity. Sandra sent him her CV and they made sure to keep in constant touch. Very soon, she received confirmation that her application had been accepted. Sandra says, ‘Mr Jenssen provided me with material about living and working in Norway, and I was fascinated. In general it seemed there was a good standard of living, a low unemployment rate, and excellent salaries. It appeared that there would be no problem for me to move to Norway.’ Upon receiving this information from Hallgeir, Sandra decided to accept the job offer and relocate to Norway.

With the help of her new employer and EURES, Sandra’s move to Norway was in fact extremely smooth. She is now settled in Norway, and is learning to speak Norwegian. ‘The people are kind and welcoming and I like it very much, as do my children who are here studying’.

Sandra has very high praise for the services of EURES throughout her move. ‘I am glad that there are organisations such as EURES which provide us with more employment options, and information on moving abroad. We are still in touch with Hallgeir who has been extremely helpful.’

Overall, Sandra is happy with her new job and new life, and is grateful to Hallgeir and EURES for all the advice along the way!

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