European Job Days 2010


Each year, European Job Days attract hundreds of thousands of participants interested in working or hiring from abroad. Whether you are a jobseeker, an employer, or simply interested in having a look, there’s bound to be an event happening near you. The 2010 European Job Days season has begun. This autumn will see hundreds of events taking place all over Europe, in cities and in small towns, gathering jobseekers and employers who are looking for a perfect fit.

In the current economic climate, with many countries suffering from high rates of unemployment, a period of living and working elsewhere in Europe can provide a good solution. Not only does it give jobseekers the opportunity to enhance their skills and professional experience, but employers can introduce new languages and approaches to the workplace by hiring staff from other European countries.

EURES, the European Job Mobility Network, is there to help people who want to either look for a job abroad, or recruit from elsewhere in Europe. EURES provides Europe-wide job matching services, both online and through a network of 850 EURES Advisers, as well assistance and advice throughout the process of moving.

European Job Days provide the perfect opportunity to find out what Europe can offer. The Job Days vary in size and theme, but all are run with the aim of encouraging mobility. They provide the ideal environment for jobseekers and job changers of all ages and backgrounds to meet employers, obtain information on living and working in another country, and speak to EURES Advisers about the potential for new opportunities abroad. Simultaneously, employers searching for new staff members or wanting to see what another labour market has to offer, can set up stands, give presentations, and even interview a selection of qualified candidates.

This year will see European Job Days taking place in most European countries, from Estonia to Belgium to Italy. Some are tailored to people living in cross-border regions; others are for students and graduates looking for information on training, education, or their first job abroad. Others still may be for people working in a specific sector, such as healthcare. Irrespective of age, background or speciality, there is guaranteed to be an interesting event nearby.

Last year, the events were incredibly varied meaning it was easy for participants to find one that suited them. Here’s a few examples of what took place in 2009.

Poznan, Poland
The fifth European Job Day held in Poznan saw the involvement of EURES Poland, as well as Poznan municipal authorities. EURES Advisers from Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UK and Ireland were present to speak to participants about living and working conditions in these countries, and the opportunities existing for them. Over 20 European employers also took part to speak to Polish workers from the healthcare, social care, construction, and food and agriculture sectors.

Frankfurt, Germany
This event saw thousands of jobseekers arriving to speak to German and European employers, EURES Advisers working in the ‘EURES Village’, and representatives from networks such as Europass and Eurodesk. Presentations on living and working conditions in Ireland, Austria, Malta, Spain, UK, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark also attracted large numbers of interested participants and employers reported that they were extremely happy with the volume and quality of candidates they spoke to.

Brussels, Belgium
EURES’ flagship event, the Brussels European Job Day, is unique. Each year, it attracts thousands of people from all over Europe – jobseekers from abroad, job changers already living in Brussels, and employers hoping to meet qualified and multilingual candidates. 2009 saw approximately 12,000 jobseekers and 80 employers arrive throughout the day. EURES had a strong presence and EURES Advisers were available to provide advice on CV writing and information about opportunities in Brussels and abroad to participants.

For more information on upcoming events, visit the Events calendar on the EURES portal or speak to your nearest EURES Adviser

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