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When an Italian company needed large amounts of staff to run holiday entertainment activities, they turned to EURES to ensure they recruited an European, multilingual team. In resorts and holiday locations all over Europe, entertainment is a key part of the guests’ relaxation. Italy-based companies Art & Show s.r.l and RTM s.r.l. are two organisations working together to provide tourist activities and other similar services in the north-east of Italy, as well as other locations around the world. Providing entertainment and catering services respectively, Art & Show and RTM employ from 9 people in the low season to up to 400 throughout the summer months – meaning they have a definite need for a European, multilingual staff. For this, they turn to EURES.

Mrs Sara Di Giacomo, recruitment assistant for the two organisations, explains why recruiting from throughout Europe is so important in their sector: ‘Clients who come for holidays in locations where we work want to feel comfortable and welcome. Our clients come from all over Europe, particularly the Netherlands, Germany and throughout Scandinavia, so it is definitely an asset for them to be able to communicate and speak with the staff in their native language’.

Mrs Di Giacomo first found out about EURES when she was a jobseeker herself. Once she started working for Art & Show and RTM, she remembered how useful she had found the services offered. So in March 2010 Mrs Di Giacomo started cooperating with the EURES offices in Milan and Senigallia in order to improve both the quality of staff being hired, and recruitment outreach in Italy and across Europe. ‘Prior to finding EURES, I used to post our vacancies in many different places: websites, newspapers, mailing lists, etc. Now all I have to do is send the vacancy to my EURES contacts and I know the vacancy will be read all over Europe’. Today thanks to EURES, Art & Show and RTM receive an average of 77 applications each day from jobseekers all around Europe. The company mainly hires, in addition to Italians, staff from the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany, based on the nationalities and needs of their clients.

Mrs Di Giacomo says that the EURES Advisers, and their assistants, have been extremely helpful in forwarding job posts to other EURES Advisers throughout Europe. Her cooperation with Milan-based EURES Advisers Laura Robustini and assistant Rosaria Petrillo, and Senigallia-based Adviser Graziella Massi has been particularly fruitful. Additionally, her EURES Advisers often help with the pre-selection of candidates and set up interviews in their offices for employer and potential employee. ‘This is particularly useful as it means we do not have to rent venues, allowing us to cut down on costs’.

All and all, Mrs Di Giacomo says that cooperating with EURES has made a considerable difference to their organisations. She has no hesitation in recommending EURES to other employers, or indeed to jobseekers looking for an exciting opportunity in a holiday resort!

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