Labour demand in Europe continues to grow except for the public sector


According to the October edition of the European Vacancy Monitor, job offers and hiring have shown an increase in the first quarter of 2011 compared to the same quarter in 2010. The increase was more significant in Northern and Western European countries and in the private sector. The public sector continued to offer less jobs, mainly in the field of education.
According to the latest issue of the European Job Mobility Bulletin, based on the vacancies published on the EURES portal, good job opportunities are available for:
  • Housekeeping and restaurant services workers in Germany, Austria, UK, France and Belgium
  • Machinery mechanics and fitters in Germany, Belgium, UK, Austria, and France
  • Administrative associate professionals in the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, and Sweden
  • Building finishers and related trades workers in Germany, UK, Belgium, France and Poland
  • Manufacturing labourers in Germany, UK, Austria, Belgium, and Czech Republic.
The same edition of the Bulletin also lists the top five jobs published on the EURES portal. At the end of August they were:
  1. Finance and sales associate professionals: 29.800 vacancies in Germany, 3.500 in France, 2.800 in Belgium
  2. Shop salespersons and demonstrators: 11.300 vacancies in Germany, 5.600 in Belgium, 2.600 in Austria
  3. Personal care and related workers: 23.600 vacancies in the UK, 11.300 in Germany, 1.800 in France
  4. Modern health associate professionals: 24.500 vacancies in the UK, 9.900 in Germany, 3.400 in Belgium
  5. Electrical and electronic equipment mechanics and fitters: 26.600 vacancies in Germany, 9.200 in the UK, 1.600 in Belgium.
The European Vacancy Monitor provides an overview of recent developments on the European job market. The European Job Mobility Bulletin focuses on the analysis of vacancies posted on the EURES portal by national public employment services. These two quarterly bulletins were launched within the Europe 2020 flagship initiative 'An agenda for new skills and jobs'.


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