EURES helps German jobseekers find new opportunities in the Swiss countryside


Many vacancies in the tourism sector go unfulfilled each year – hence a new cooperation allowing German jobseekers to meet potential employers, with the help of EURES.

The allure of the Swiss countryside draws millions of tourists every year and the high number of visitors during the high season in particular means there is an increased need for tourism staff who speak German, French, and Italian. EURES Advisers from Germany have recently noticed, however, that the connections between their countries are not used to their full potential, as many vacancies remain unfilled each year.

As part of a wider initiative to support cooperation at European level, EURES Advisers from Germany have decided to implement activities aimed at reaching out to the public and informing them about opportunities abroad. The EURES Advisers therefore organised a two-day trip for jobseekers interested in the tourism industry. Leaving from Dortmund, stopping in Frankfurt and Stuttgart to pick up more participants, the final group numbered 30 jobseekers. All headed for the town of Chur, Switzerland to meet employers working in tourism.  

The cooperation with EURES and Carina Pankratow, Adviser with ZAV, the German public employment service, meant that jobseekers had the opportunity to meet with representatives from several hotels in the area. Some jobseekers were able to sign a contract on the spot, while all received information on living and working in Switzerland.

German EURES Adviser Robert Rauchstein emphasises that another benefit of establishing a close cooperation between countries is that it helps jobseekers to make a smooth transition from one country to another – they have support both at home, and in their country of destination. ‘Most candidates I see are willing to go abroad, but not indefinitely’, he explains. ‘This is why domestic and European connections are important – jobseekers have the chance to go abroad, but know that there are also support services should they wish to return home’. He believes that advice and information are very important: ‘We try to provide as much information as possible about other labour markets, as well as on unemployment benefits, and the recognition of diplomas, for example’.

The benefits of the activities carried out by EURES Advisers in Germany are therefore clear. They attempt to cover the full scope of the needs of a jobseeker, from the search for opportunities to administrative issues in settling abroad, to returning home, if that is their wish. An innovative solution – such as organising the recruitment trips – not only encourages jobseekers to look beyond national borders for opportunities, but also helps to meet the needs of the employer.

Additionally, as a new service, EURES Germany offers advice to people who want to work in Germany but have questions regarding their foreign diplomas. EURES Germany developed a national network connecting authorities and the public employment service, to help jobseekers and employers in the recognition of diplomas, job searching, and recruitment.

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