Important notice to users of the EURES portal: Fraudulent e-mails have been sent out offering fake jobs


Under names such as "Arrow Financial Group", "Action Financial Group Pty Ltd." and "Brentnall Financial Group Pty Ltd." jobseekers registered on the EURES portal have recently been offered jobs in the financial sector that most probably are non-existent. EURES consider these as scam e-mails from fraudulent companies.
EURES recommend jobseekers not to answer any e-mails sent from these or similar companies and would like to apologise for the inconvenience receipt of these e-mails might have caused our users. EURES is actively working on preventing this type of occurrence being repeated in the future
In August 2011 a number of cases of spam or scams have been reported where it is believed that the EURES network and our database have been misused for illegal activity or unsolicited contact. We are currently working hard to find technical and other solutions that will prevent fraudulent companies or fake employers to misuse our services. At the same time it is important to strike a balance between preventing fake companies contacting jobseekers and enabling genuine companies to get in touch with jobseekers registered on the EURES portal.
If you receive an e-mail using the EURES name (or any other e-mail concerning job offers) you should carefully consider the following:
  • Is the sender of the job offer known to you? Have you initiated the contact, e.g. by subscribing to a mailing list or e-mail alerts? Has it been sent from a EURES e-mail address or another e-mail address you know?
  • Do you know the company? If you have never heard of the company you should research it carefully, not only by looking at the company website. You could, for example, try to find media reports about the company.
  • Be aware that some fraudsters might try to misuse the names of reputable companies or the EURES network and will fake the e-mail addresses and/or use misleading domain names.
  • Never reply to any job offers that consist of forwarding or receiving money or in which a company pretends that it cannot open a bank account, does not get a tax ID, cannot transfer money, etc.
  • Never submit financial information on website forms in the course of the recruitment process. No reputable company will start a recruitment process by asking for your bank account or credit card details.
  • Before you call a phone number that has been sent to you in an e-mail, verify that it is a regular phone number and not an expensive premium rate telephone number.
  • If you receive a job offer that you consider unlawful, unethical or in any other way inappropriate in the EURES CV online application or elsewhere where you suspect that the sender got your e-mail address from our database you should always send an abuse report using the online form or contact the EURES helpdesk so that we can take any countermeasures needed.
  • Websites like or report on known cases of fraud and provide tips on how to detect untrustworthy e-mails.

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