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Customer support centres can be an ideal first experience of working abroad. EURES supports job seekers who want to make use of their language skills in an international environment.

Customer support centres have become an important business sector in recent years. Based on the rapid development of modern communication technologies more and more companies were able to outsource this service to specialised providers. And their human resources departments realised very quickly that EURES is the best suited partner to hire personnel for this very specific sector.

Stream International is a global provider of technical support and customer service for various clients. The company’s call centres provide assistance in 13 different languages and therefore are in constant need of recruiting foreign staff. After having relocated its European headquarters to Amsterdam, Stream has developed a practice to regularly work with the EURES network to find the right people.

The multilingual contact centre in Amsterdam is often in search of native speakers of the main European languages. To work in such contact centre, the so-called Stream operators need excellent communication skills, good telephone manners and a high resistance to stress. They have to be able to speak fluently English and of course must be able to express themselves in a polite and clear manner in their native language.

The European Employment Service has become the best partner for recruiting new call centre staff. “EURES is the most reliable partner to find native speakers in the more ‘difficult’ languages, such as Danish, Norwegian, German, French or Italian”, says Stream recruiter Remco Van Til.

The pre-selection for applicants is usually carried out by a EURES Adviser before the approved applications are forwarded. The employer on the other hand supports candidates with their relocation, offering advice on how to find adequate accommodation and on other administrative issues.

What are the characteristics of working as a customer agent?

  1. You have to enjoy the challenges of working with a wide variety of people.
  2. You will be working in a multi cultural environment.
  3. You will have to tackle tough problems on short notice.
  4. You need to have a strong desire to learn continually and grow professionally.
  5. You need to feel comfortable working on a team, learning from and supporting others.


The Irish company GEM is another example of the good cooperation between customer support providers and the EURES network. Their contact centre, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, provides tailor-made, multilingual services to global organisations. For this task, the recruitment of multilingual staff is a must. Approximately 300 of GEM’s 1000 employees are foreigners. A common practice is to hire workers from abroad, to whom the company offers logistic support and training upon arrival.

The Irish company recruits from a variety of European countries, therefore making frequent use of the EURES services. “What we appreciate about EURES, compared with other employment services, is the ‘human aspect’ – the chance to have direct contact with the local EURES advisers”, says GEM recruitment manager Marcella McKeever. “They are very helpful in supporting us to find employees with specific language skills. We have seven multi-lingual clients and provide services in 24 different languages. The recruitment of foreign workers is therefore a constant necessity for us in Belfast.” The EURES network also provides GEM recruiters with useful information on European job fairs where they are frequently present.


Further information:

Remco van Til
Senior Recruiter – Stream
Remco_van_Til at Stream dot com

Marcella McKeever
Recruitment manager
marcella dot mckeever at the-gem dot com

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