Let me entertain you!


EURES plays an increasing role in providing animators for holiday destinations in the South.

Today’s holiday makers no longer put up with the standard ‘Sun, Sea & Sand’ vacation. They increasingly opt for more active and entertaining holidays. Tourism business from all over Europe is therefore demanding more and more seasonal or full-time entertainers. A number of European agencies have now specialised in providing this specific kind of staff to hotels and resorts. As they often recruit from abroad, the EURES network has become a useful resource for them. We talked to three representatives of such employment agencies and asked them about their experience.

T.M.C. Tourist Services is a Danish consultancy specialising in providing hotels with entertainment staff. They currently work with over 25 Hotels in Cyprus, Greece and Spain. T.M.C. manager Thomas Wengler has been recruiting through the EURES network for almost ten years now. He is constantly hiring prospective entertainers from all over Europe for summer resorts in the South of Europe. About 75% of animators are recruited from Sweden; many others come from England and the Netherlands.

Mr. Wengler recently oriented his attention towards the New EU Member States. “I was particularly impressed by the hospitality and enthusiasm of EURES Advisers in the new EU countries”, he said after a recent visit to Budapest. He is hoping to hire highly motivated staff from Central and Eastern Europe during a planned recruitment visit to Prague.

Another entertainment ‘specialist’ dealing with staff recruitment, professional training, advice and coaching of entertainers is the Swiss Crazy Company. They hire and train animators who are sent to work in hotels and holiday villages in Switzerland and abroad. On a national level they organise parties, openings, anniversaries, weddings, shows and birthdays. Internationally Crazy Company collaborates mainly with hotels and hotel chains in Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Austria. “We have just recently started using the EURES service to recruit international staff and we see it is a great opportunity for a Swiss agency like ours”, says a representative of the company, “I believe that this collaboration has a lot of potential. In the tourism business, hiring foreign workers has become a necessity.”

As one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, Spain attracts many young entertainers from all over Europe. The Spanish hotel chain Blau Hotels, with hotels on the islands of Mallorca, Cuba and in the Dominican Republic, is a vivid example for recruitment of animators from different parts of Europe. A huge majority of their hotel guests come from Germany and they are constantly looking for German-speaking personnel. Other main target areas for recruitment are Belgium and the Netherlands. “We are looking for flexible and creative people with good language skills for our gastronomy departments and, above all, as entertainers”, says Brian Krinkelen, the responsible for animation.

And he confirms that various hotels from his chain have recruited staff through EURES. “The profile we are looking for does not require any previous experience or technical skills. Few people of our staff are professional entertainers, actors or sport trainers. Languages are basically the only fundamental requirement for this job, besides flexibility, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. We always offer on-the-spot training for new recruits. The main problem that we face with ‘new’ entertainers is that people without experience often believe that this job would be like a semi-vacation. That is not exactly the case, even though having fun is definitely part of the experience”.



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