EURES Bodensee joins forces with staff executives


In a new approach to identify chances and obstacles on the European job market, EURES Bodensee initiated a first meeting with staff executives of the Lake Constance region.
Around 50 participants followed the invitation of EURES-BODENSEE and the Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Thurgau to attend the first ever regional meeting of staff executives on 19 October.
EURES-BODENSEE, the EURES Crossborder Partnership of the Lake Constance region, has been founded in 2003 by the employment services of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and includes 13 regional employment administrations.
The Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Thurgau is an association of more than 600 industry, trade and service companies in the Swiss canton Thurgau.
The meeting, titled „International Personnel Recruitment“, focussed on the growing importance of the international labour market in times of revocation of national borders and increased internationalisation of the economy.
Both job seekers and potential employers face a multitude of mobility obstacles, such as different legal systems, problems with the recognition of diplomas, but also distinctive cultural conventions. The meeting had the task to recognise these obstacles and debate – with a special focus on the region – possible solutions.
The discussion in working groups was based on two theses:
1.      Increasing lack of specialised personnel forces companies to look for new and more active ways to attract job candidates from abroad.
2.      The companies in the Lake Constance region will have to re-position themselves to remain sustainable competitive on the international labour market.
The working groups identified numerous factors for enhanced job mobility. Better social integration, improved cooperation with schools and universities, or the supply of comprehensive ‘Welcome packages’ were among the identified tasks, but also the necessity for domestic stakeholders to open up mentally.
The participants came up with a variety of proposals for concrete action. Stronger identification with the brand ‘Lake Constance’, better exchange of information and best-practice examples, measures for better integration of employees (language courses, accommodation,…), or stronger involvement in relevant political decision-making are a few of many useful ideas.
The success of this first staff executive meeting will hopefully find imitators among other regional partnerships.
A meeting report (in German only) can be downloaded from the EURES Bodensee website.
For additional information please contact EURES Bodensee coordinator Wolfgang Himmel wolfgang dot himmel at translake dot org

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