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    U 2

    where to get: Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund Lasnamäe 2, 11412, Tallinn web-site: www.tootukassa.ee

    where to submit/ deliver: local employment office – list of offices in Labour Market Board`s web-page www.tootukassa.ee

    Before applying U 2: • must be laid down the unemployment insurance benefit • person must have been registered as unemployed and looked for work at least 4 weeks. It is possible to leave earlier only if the person have certain employment, if he/ she follows the spouse who already works in this country or it is impossible to find a job in Estonia with his/her speciality. It is important to answer all questions and person must be ready to prove the date of leaving (tickets, booking , etc.) as U 2 is given only if the leaving date and the country is known.

    It is important to register in the destination country as unemployed person in 7 days after arrival. To persons coming to Estonia: unemployment benefit is paid once a month only to the bank account. This document will be filled in and delivered by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

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